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Appraiser and Appraisals

What is an Appraiser?

An Appraiser is a trained and tested expert on the type of personal property that you have a need to know the value of. The US Congress requires that appraisals be written by Accredited or Candidate appraisers that have been trained and tested. No other organization or entity in the US is approved by the US Congress to appraise personal property and specifically classic and collector cars. The IRS also requires an appraiser to take and pass a 15 hour test and then a 7 hour refresh every two years to be able to write USPAP compliant​ appraisal reports.

An Appraisal is a detailed comprehensive report supported by data that identifies and places a dollar value on your personal property. This report can used in estate planning, litigation, donations, or private sales.  Confidentiality – It is unethical for an Appraiser to disclose in any way that they have a) been engaged to appraise property or b) disclose the value conclusion of a property unless the customer allows this in writing.  If an Appraiser has a personal ownership interest in your property they need to immediately state that to the customer.  

Brendan Ryan

About BIS

I'm a car guy. For as long as I can remember I’ve loved cars. I grew up in the golden-era of American classics and muscle cars; iconic Corvettes, GTOs, Road Runners, mid-50’s Chevrolets, Shelbys and everything else in between. Building models, fetching wrenches, sitting in the bleachers of Fremont Drag Strip watching all the greats drive by, I got behind the wheel of my own classic earlier than most and it’s fair to say I’m happiest in the driver’s seat.

Our Customers

I must thank you for answering my concerns with regard to the engine, also for the very helpful summary you gave me in your last email, regarding condition scores and valuations compared to similar cars, it gave me greater confidence to go ahead and buy the car.  After viewing your excellent video again I think she's a great car and at the right price.  Philip H, Peak District, U.K.
Very professional and personalized PPI and Appraisal report ....Kerry H, Indiana
Thank you very much!  That was a very well done appraisal of my Bronco.  Robert H, San Jose, CA Dec 2020
Thanks for the PPI.  I'll keep you posted and great job.  Very thorough.  Alex F
Thank you for all your hard work and resulting comprehensive appraisal for my Outlaw 911. I will definitely recommend you to others. Andrew C, Salinas, CA
I’m really impressed with the work you’ve done on the PPI report.  You really take things seriously and you have given me lots of feedback. Jon D Ontario, Canada
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