Invest in yourself…..

Invest in yourself…..

In the latter half of 2015 I learned that I was 75% sure to lose my job due to a merger. After a half dozen similar experiences over the years I decided to once again invest in myself.  I did this when I was 25 by going back and finishing college – the best 9 years of my life just kidding!  I used to tell people all of the time to be the source of energy or power in their own ecosystem.  Do whatever it takes to be that rooted producer of knowledge, wealth, and leadership to those you are responsible for.  You don’t have to always be the leader but when you are the one don’t do a half-assed job at it.


2015 Goal: find a 2nd income that will support my ecosystem.  But what did I have?  Evenings and weekends, I can spin a tale, I have oldcaritis, and on a good day I can sell sand on the beach.


old·car·i·tis noun inflammation of the imagination, most commonly from planes trains and automobiles, but also from daydreaming with the intense desire to go somewhere better than where you are at the moment or were told you will end up!


Like many of you reading this I have had a deep connection to cars from an early age.  My mom tells the story of how she went in to false labor with me on a road trip to Yosemite.  The fact that we were all in a 1955 Chevy supports my claim.  Did I show an affinity to wing windows, drum brakes, road trips in old cars, and a perpetual dislike for camping in utero?  The stormy times have been calmed with a Hot Wheels, a sketch of a ’32 three window on the border of a Math book, AF/X slot cars, model kits, the drone of a small block on Interstate 5, or the scent of Qwik Detailer as it spreads over a fender.



2016 Plan: take my oldcaritis and combine that with readin & writin.  I pulled out the 2003 appraisal report of my 55 Chevy and began to invest in myself.  I searched out the legitimate path to do this and off I went.


2017 Reality: I am a Personal Property Appraiser with membership in both of the only official organizations that can call you an appraiser.  I have invested precious dollars and about 1,800 hours so far.  I can sign off on an appraisal for the IRS.  I can verify a VIN on behalf of the DMV.  I can tell a story about your car that is based in fact and sound training.  I get to splash around my high ethical standards at will.  I get to crawl in and around cars that represent the standards of what a blue chip car is.  I then get to place a value on the car and get a thank you from the owner!  And get paid!



I can’t make a living at it yet and thankfully I am blessed to have a great day job.  I achieved my goals – my ecosytstem has a little auxiliary generator to keep the lights on in a storm.  My caritis is as strong as ever. A year ago I was in a conversation at Monterey Car Week with a Hagerty Executive and he told me to either get the real deal accreditation or forget it.  There are 10 “appraisers” for every 1 legitimate one and that’s what I focused on.  I knew he was right – I just had to hear it a few times from folks that understand what I offered and what I could do.


So run to the phone and call me demanding an immediate appraisal of your collector car, plane, train, or automobile!

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